The past decade has wrought huge changes in pubs and bars. Once, it was enough to sell four draught beers and a few dozen in bottles and cans. Nowadays, drinkers want more choice. Hence, huge beer fonts with upwards of 20 taps.

But quantity is only a small part of what makes a good beer bar. The best spots keep their taps pouring a variety of styles, rather than 10 same-y pale ales. They change their offering regularly, and employ people with a genuine passion for the stuff. Lastly, they have plenty of comfortable seating, so you can stick around.

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Nice beer, nice music.

Enter via carpark 7-11 Dawson Street
Brunswick VIC 3056

The Great Northern Hotel

Repping the best of the US.

644 Rathdowne Street
Carlton North VIC 3054

The Catfish

Good beer and Philly cheesesteaks.

30 Gertrude Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065