Best Beer Bars in Melbourne

Updated 8 months ago


The past decade has wrought huge changes in pubs and bars. Once, it was enough to sell four draught beers and a few dozen in bottles and cans. Nowadays, drinkers want more choice. Hence, huge beer fonts with upwards of 20 taps.

But quantity is only a small part of what makes a good beer bar. The best spots keep their taps pouring a variety of styles, rather than 10 same-y pale ales. They change their offering regularly, and employ people with a genuine passion for the stuff. Lastly, they have plenty of comfortable seating, so you can stick around.

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  • At this bottle-o and attached beer hall, there are 17 draught beers to drink on site, and more than 350 to take home.

  • A sleek, minimalist bar with craft beers, natural wines and food made to complement the booze.

  • In addition to a diverse, ever-changing tap list, there's a cellar full of incredibly rare beers.

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  • A classic English-style pub, just with way more taps.

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  • Brewer Ashur Hall makes everything from pilsner to barleywine, and most of the staff is Cicerone certified.

  • The pub that kickstarted Melbourne's beer revolution.

  • Venue number two from the family which founded the Royston.

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  • This spot in the western suburbs has roughly 200 wines and the same again of beers, plus a deli cabinet filled with cured meats, pate, and a range of cheese. All of the above are available to enjoy in the relaxed shopfront overlooking the street.

  • Won Australia's best beer list in 2013.

  • Smashable sauvignon blanc, ciders from Spain and Jamaican pineapple gin are all on the menu at this relaxed bar.

  • The swankiest and most expensive spot on this list, with a particular passion for European sours.

  • Nice beer, nice music.

  • There are only five taps, but they're always pouring something interesting.

  • Repping the best of the US.

  • Fresh pasta and arguably the best restaurant beer list in Melbourne.

  • Four hundred bottles, arcade games and cushy couches.

  • Two separate rooms – one for beer, one for wine.

  • Grab a growler to go, or sit in and take advantage of the huge range of draught, canned and bottled beers.

  • The most down-to-earth beer bar in town.

  • Good beer and Philly cheesesteaks.

  • Just like the original Slowbeer in Richmond, but with comfortable seating upstairs.

  • A piece of Northern California in North Fitzroy.

  • This beer bar only stocks limited release, hard-to-find brews – plus a solid line-up of funky, mostly local, wines. The snacky menu is izakaya-influenced, with favourites such as tempura, karaage chicken, edamame and around 15 yakitori skewers to choose from.

  • The Sydney staple’s first Melbourne outpost is pouring wild ales, natural wines and sour Negronis. Come to the hybrid bottle shop and bar for beer-infused cocktails, Belgian lambics and a snack-driven menu.