Thornbury is one of our favourite parts of Melbourne for bar hopping. Though gentrification has well and truly arrived on High Street, its effects have been relatively gentle. The bars here are relaxed, down-to-earth places in keeping with the convivial spirit Greek and Italian immigrants brought to Thornbury following the Second World War. Nearly everything is within walking distance, but if you’re feeling lazy the 86 tram runs right past all the good spots. Remember to schedule a pizza stop at Wolf and Swill or the Moor’s Head.

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Carwyn Cellars


Competition is fierce, but we feel comfortable calling this the best beer bar in Melbourne.

877 High Street, Thornbury

Pallino Bar & Bocce


Pallino Bar & Bocce revives classic cocktails and a vintage sport in Thornbury.

790 High Street, Thornbury

Joanie's Baretto


Cocktail hour, Italian style.

832A High Street, Thornbury

Wolf and Swill


Pizza, beer and not much more – this little corner bar keeps things delightfully simple.

901 High Street, Thornbury

Franklin’s Bar


Veteran hospitality in a converted warehouse.

646 High Street, Thornbury



This cosy local serves vegan pub classics, handmade gnocchi, and small bites – and almost every main course comes in under $20. Enjoy your meal and vegan vino at the bar, in a booth, or in the beer garden out the back.

915 High Street, Thornbury



Put your feet up at this dive bar that takes upcycling to the max and has a super-tight drinks list (that means no cocktails).

806 High Street, Thornbury

3 Ravens


A friendly brewery and bar located in the industrial back streets.

1 Theobald Street, Thornbury