Best Bars in Preston

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Like Northcote and Thornbury before it, Preston is slowly developing a thriving and eclectic drinking scene. There are no serious cocktail bars yet, but if you’re after a few beers and a game of pool, the options are good. Being that bit further from the city, bars here tend to be more spacious and relaxed than their inner city counterparts. That quality has attracted notable brewers and a rockstar winemaker in recent years, and will no doubt attract more like them. Keep an eye on Preston – it’s only going to get better from here.

  • A local craft beer watering hole with a laid back atmosphere.

  • One of Australia’s best winemakers is behind this unusual cellar door, which feels like a mix between a brewery and a dive bar.

  • Theme parks can be for adults, too. Moon Dog is decked out with a pool, hidden tiki disco bar, giant beer garden and an indoor waterfall – and it has capacity for 725 patrons. Enjoy bar snacks and the brewery’s eponymous brews poolside before testing your skills on the pinball machines.

  • This old-school diner does three-cheese poutine, beef brisket burgers, deep-fried pickles and slices of classic cherry pie. And every item on the menu can be made vegan.

  • A restaurant and bar with as little or as much class as you need.

  • This neighbourhood bar combines an old-school pub atmosphere with a forward-thinking drinks list filled with ultra-local ales, pét-nats and vegan cocktails.

  • A piano bar in Preston (for amateurs and experts).

  • Choose your own adventure across three bars, 12 bowling lanes, a gaming arcade, a dance floor and a massive beer garden. At this spot (which has room for 600 punters) you clearly come for the activities. But you stay for the 45 beer taps, kegged cocktails, pizzas and pub food.

  • Explore this local favourite for craft beer, local wine, nostalgic snacks and vinyl DJs in familiar surrounds. There's also a laidback outdoor area and a selection of books from local Black Spark Cultural Centre.

  • Hit this neon-lit Mexican bar for tacos and burritos loaded with pork belly, spiced chicken or mixed veggies. Devour your tacos in the cactus-lined courtyard or spacious dining hall, or climb to the rooftop for easy-drinking Margaritas and cold Mexican beers.

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