Golden Plains will take over the Supernatural Amphitheatre on Labour Day weekend, as it has for the past five years, bidding farewell to summer in a blaze of sunshine and a blaring of speakers. Once overshadowed by its more established sibling, Meredith Music Festival, Golden Plains now holds its own with a stellar line-up and its own set of traditions. This year sees the likes of Bon Iver, Black Lips, Roots Manuva and Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti playing to a sell-out crowd.

Here at Broadsheet, we know that all the dancing, camping out and general festiveness is enough to make anyone hungry. Let us help out by picking four of our favourite food trucks for you to sample over the weekend.

Beatbox Kitchen
Though well established in Melbourne, thanks to its presence at Rooftop Bar and around the inner northern streets and parks, Beatbox Kitchen actually laid its groundwork at Meredith Music Festival in 2008, when festival-goers were first introduced to the burgers that now have a cult following. “We have our beginnings here,” owner Raph Rashid says. “Meredith has set the tone for Beatbox Kitchen.” Indeed, whenever Beatbox Kitchen fires up the grill, whether at a park in Carlton or out the front of a church in Northcote, a party atmosphere seems to pervade.

Taco Truck
Despite having been in existence for less than a year, these tacos have already found a way into many people’s hearts and stomachs, with demand frequently exceeding supply. At Meredith Music Festival last year, we found Taco Truck’s creator (and the man also responsible for Beatbox Kitchen) Raph Rashid having a rare moment of peace and quiet away from the long, snaking queue. In regards to the success of the truck, Raphid says, “I allowed for some creativity with the menu here. Some of the tacos aren’t typically traditional but are sympathetic to the idea of Mexican fare.”

Jerry’s Vegi Burgers
These burgers are the real deal – so delicious that any carnivore can be converted, at least temporarily, to vegetarianism. A generous lentil-based patty is smothered in sauces of your choice (they recommend sweet chilli and satay) and sandwiched in a bun with salad. Having been in the food truck business since the 1990s, Jerry is a man who knows what he’s doing. In fact, Rashid, aforementioned owner of Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Truck, cites Jerry as an inspiration.

Dumplings Dumplings Dumplings
When we asked Tony, the owner of Dumplings Dumplings Dumplings, what he loved about Meredith’s Supernatural Amphitheatre and why he keeps coming back, this is what he had to say: “Do you know about the No Dickhead Policy? This is just a great place, the people are cool.” As for the dumplings, they are accompanied by an Asian-style salad and steamed rice. And to provide extra flavour, there are the options of light soy sauce, very special dumpling sauce, or their secret-recipe ‘Fuk Fuk’ sauce. While Tony informed us that some people have been known to squirt the ‘Fuk Fuk’ into their friends’ ears after a few too many drinks, it is recommended that this sauce go strictly onto the dumplings and into your mouth for maximum enjoyment. When not at festivals, Dumplings Dumplings Dumplings resides in the rural town of Whitfield, so relish the chance to enjoy some secret-sauce between sets while you can.

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