If you’ve driven up High Street all the way through Thornbury lately, you might have noticed activity going at the Mr Burger’s headquarters. In three months it will be one of the biggest beer gardens in Melbourne. And the city’s only permanent food-truck park.

Here are a few things you should know:

The food-truck park.

When it opens, the outdoor space will have room for six food trucks to operate at a time on a monthly rotation. The plan is to give food trucks in Melbourne a platform, because licences are hard to get. With more than 50 different food-truck vendors in Melbourne now, Welcome to Thornbury will celebrate original operators such as Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Truck, alongside newer ones such as 1090 Burger.

The premise of WTT is what you see at Yarraville Gardens, Ruckers Hill and other food-truck sites, where there is always a low wall for customers to sit on.

It’s the second-largest beer garden north of the river.

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There will be a licence for 700 people for the whole space across several bars, including 140 seated inside. It will be open until 1am.

Who’s involved?

Mr Burger is running it with a few people already involved in hospitality. The group also runs venues such as the Brunswick Mess Hall, Fancy Hanks BBQ and the Mr Burger trucks (of which there are nine).

There’s a lot of bike parking.

Welcome to Thornbury will promote sustainable transport options. It’s building 105 bike parks on site, including bike posts in the fence.

It used to be a Morris Minor factory.

Welcome to Thornbury will be an irreverent take on the truck stop taking influence form the site’s history as a car factory.

The interior will use automotive paraphernalia; the big fuel sign will go up on the wall (as the beer-pricing sign). The bathrooms will likely be spray booths, white recessed and fluoro. The bar theme will be a modern take on old mechanical objects such as engine crates and mechanics plates, and using old parts as furniture.

It’ll be open for summer.

Welcome to Thornbury will open in two stages, but the beer garden, food-truck party and main indoor bar will be open in spring.

The second stage will include a huge function room for events with booths similar to those at The Toff, and an art space out back.

You can’t miss it.

Or you won’t be able to once the six-and-a-half metre neon Vegas-like sign goes up out front.