South Yarra Mexican restaurant Touché Hombre Eléctrica owned by restaurateur Davis Yu of the Maison Davis group, has closed.

Currently overseas filming a lifestyle travel show, Yu confirmed that Touché Hombre Eléctrica (opened in July 2013), will not be opening again in Claremont Street due to foot traffic and rent issues, but may move north later in the year. He has said that his city bar, Le Joint (opened in September 2013) which is currently running as a function space, is set to reopen in a month or so with a new management team.

Restaurant manager of South Yarra’s Touché Hombre Eléctrica, Matt Fallon, said that the decision to close came as a surprise to him and the staff. He said that as the staff prepared to return to work after a three-week break over Christmas, he received a call from the group’s lawyers telling him that there were no jobs to go back to.

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Fallon says that he had 24 staff members working for him in the South Yarra restaurant, though the Maison Davis group claim it was only 14. Fallon said that two chefs had been absorbed into the sister city restaurant Touche Hombre, and the remaining contracted staff received a severance package, a generous offer given the situation.

Yu and his Maison Davis group's previous ventures include The Millswyn, Louie, Claremont Tonic, all now closed.

Despite these recent closures, Yu states that Le Joint was going well and will reopen. "I want to create the next bar that Melbourne is missing, much like what my friend Matt Bax did with Der Raum a couple years ago. He ran Der Raum from Berlin through a partnership with his friend in Melbourne."

Yu also mentioned that the Maison Davis group are involved several projects in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore this year.

We’re sorry to see these popular venues close but look forward to seeing what Yu and the Maison Davis group are up to next.

  • This piece was last edited on Friday 31 January.