Today, we are excited to announce the arrival of our annual Table for Six competition for 2012. Over four consecutive weeks, we are inviting you and five friends to dine out at one of Melbourne’s best restaurants, where you can avoid the dreaded waiting list and skip the queues. But best of all, we’ll pay the bill.

This week, we’ve partnered up with Mamasita to bring you the ultimate Mexican dining experience. Mamasita is arguably Melbourne’s most popular restaurant. A line snakes out the door from open till close, seven days a week. Win this competition and you and five friends can skip the queue and head straight up that staircase to your table for tacos and margaritas.

Next week we’re offering you a table at a restaurant so new it hasn’t even opened yet: Rosetta - Neil Perry’s exciting new Italian restaurant. As one of Australia’s most influential chefs, Perry’s latest offering is sure to live up to his high standards with exceptional food, service and an all round special dining experience.

Our third Table for Six restaurant is another newie (to open very soon) - the highly anticipated new Richmond eatery Baby, brought to us by Chris Lucas and the team behind Chin Chin. Baby occupies the space Pearl once stood and is set to be one of the hottest openings this year. Tagged as ‘the Italian Chin Chin’, the food is Italian-influenced but with a twist and we’re as eager as you are to book a table here.

For our final week we go to one of our favourite venues in Melbourne – Andrew McConnell’s Golden Fields. This pared back St Kilda venue has cemented itself as a crowning jewel in McConnell’s list of popular venues. The food is broadly classed as ‘modern Asian’ but it could just as easily be classed as ‘McConnell food’. The lobster roll is a must try dish, so we’ll be sure to order a round for the winners of this Table For Six.

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Who will you invite? The competition starts now and ends on Friday 9 November. So don’t forget to subscribe and tell your chosen friends to enter for a better chance of winning. New venues will be announced each Monday until the end of the competition, so remember to check in regularly for more news.

Mamasita’s Table for Six winner will be announced on Friday (19 October). Make sure you sign up today.