• With Gelato Messina now doing soy-sauce and tuna gelato, ice-cream approaches the event horizon where food culture collapses in on itself and we’re back to eating Neapolitan out of tubs.

• Two Sydney restaurants open at the same Melbourne site. Fratelli Fresh and The Cut take the place of Stokehouse City over two storeys in Alfred Place.

• A temple of steak opens in Berwick with a 250-strong wine cellar floating above the bar in a climate-controlled fishtank.

• Victor Liong announces the end of his congee cafe, Lawyers, Guns and Money, after four months of trading.

• There’s only a few days left to experience a tea ceremony in a car park. It’s beautifully uncomfortable, Zen and weird. Closes Sunday.

• The boys behind the Tommy Collins Group (Schmucks Bagels, Sth Central) unveil a designer bakery called The Hamptons. In Hampton.

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• There’s a Hangi Jacks party at Section 8 this Sunday to celebrate the original underground cuisine, hangi, the Maori tradition of cooking food in a buried pit oven.

• Going to MIFF? We’ve made a handy guide for the best restaurants and bars nearest to your cinema.