Before you were queuing for Messina and cronuts, there was a quiet dessert craze playing out in a little side street in Fitzroy. When pastry chef Pierre Roelofs first introduced his dessert nights on Thursdays at the charmingly low-key Cafe Rosamond four years ago, it was a hit.

Every week at 7pm punters showed up and waited for a table. From there they could choose from one, two, three or four courses of Roelofs' creative desserts.

What was initially an experiment, meant only to last six months, steadily grew into a weekly highlight for dessert aficionados.

“It’s nice when people get carried away and really enthusiastic,” Roelofs says.

To celebrate the past four years at Rosamond, Roelofs is rolling out a series of online dessert masterclasses, so you can tackle the deconstructed sweet delights yourself.

Spanning a month, the online tutorials can be accessed any time. The master chef himself provides dessert tips, tricks and techniques from his 20-year career and answers viewers’ questions via an online private forum – the end result being a comprehensive lesson in Roelofs' famous test-tube desserts. The package also includes a Best of Rosamond recipe e-book, a dessert tube-making kit and an invitation to a private dessert evening by Roelofs on Saturday May 10.

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Designed to challenge adventurous home cooks as well as to teach professionals a thing or two, the masterclass is a fun way to get the dessert-evening experience at home.

“It’s an interesting way of expanding on what I do; explaining the processes behind my work and reaching out to a broader audience,” Roelofs says.

Attracting international audiences as well as locals, the masterclass has had a successful reception so far. Now halfway through the series, we asked Roelofs how he’s finding it: “I’m really touched by people's passion and the interest they’ve shown. It’s been really inspiring.”

That said, if you’re better off eating than making, Roelofs is hosting a special dessert evening this Thursday April 24, showcasing a menu of highlights from the past year.

With no intention of stopping in the near future, Roelofs is looking forward to continuing the sweet degustation nights with a small twist. “I can’t say too much, but I am looking forward to making a few changes which I’m excited about.”

Pierre Roelofs' online masterclasses are $395 for four classes. The classes can be accessed online any time. To enrol, click here.