Although Mexican eateries have been popping up thick and fast around town in the past year or so, none have really embodied the authenticity and simplicity of good Mexican street food. Until now.

Richmond’s Chingon offers a simple menu with a choice of six tacos, corn chips with fire-roasted salsa or guacamole. The eatery’s homage to traditional cooking styles and northern Mexican furnishings gives it an interesting feel and sets it apart from its competition.

The brainchild of two brothers from New Mexico, Chingon was inspired by their love for the street food they found on their many late night jaunts across the border. A rooftop balcony, chipped paint, a 1960s Lincoln parked out the back and the dark no frills Mexican interiors give this eatery a unique feel, compounded by the fact that all the renovations were done by the brothers themselves. And there’s no hyper-coloured Day of the Dead skulls in sight.

They make 100 per cent corn, soft shell tortillas onsite daily, which form the base of six taco options – vegetarian, smoky pork with pineapple, steak, prawns, fish and chicken with guacamole. Each table receives a bottle of authentic hot sauce for seasoning, the perfect condiment for these tasty tacos. And at only $15 for three authentic tacos, it’s great value too.

Strongly stylised, Chingon’s menu is somewhat limited, but this is part of the charm.

Bringing something new to the already crowded Melbourne Mexican landscape, Chingon’s captivating decor and unique take will lift this restaurant off the ground.

413 Swan Street, Richmond
(03) 9429 5695

Daily 5.30pm–11pm