Beginning as a roaster of premium beans from small growers in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea in 2000, and originally based in Perth, Five Senses has only become bigger and better with time. Now sourcing beans from Bali and Sumatra as well as PNG, their obsession with achieving the finest coffee experience leads them to tiny corners of the world searching for the best beans.

With a focus on small producers, Five Senses roasts everything themselves in their Melbourne and Perth warehouses. And while these guys are the only Broadsheet Cafe operators who don’t have their own cafe, they are providing a range of single origin and blends to cafes around the city. These include some of our favourites: Three Bags Full, Cup of Truth and Proud Mary, who will be on the machine tomorrow.

Five Senses take great pride in their beans, ensuring everything from roasting to brewing is done on the very best equipment, making for the best coffee every time. It is thanks to these guys that we have a coffee machine at the Broadsheet Cafe; they have lent us one of their big shining synessos, as well an an uber boiler – a machine that allows you to pour hot water at a very specific temperature.

Fives Senses are in at the Broadsheet Cafe today for their second shift (their first was last Saturday) under the leadership of Ben Bicknell. Ben is a coffee quality expert, has been a national tasting champion and is also a judge for the Victorian barista championships, so he knows what he’s doing.

Check out the Five Senses brew today.

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