Eau de Vie’s Shaken, Stirred, Flamed and Thrown has received the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Best Cocktail Book in the World.

Made possible through crowdfunding, this bartender’s bible of “cocktails done the Eau de Vie way” is a compilation of tasting notes, how-to’s and staff memoirs from one of the country’s leading cocktail bars.

“We’re not re-hashing old recipes, but focusing on our own drinks and trying to bring the Eau De Vie experience to life,” says Sven Almenning, Eau de Vie owner and author of the book.

Considered to be the biggest wine and cookbook awards in the world, The Gourmand Awards receives entries from more than 100 countries across various categories. While expert bartenders and cocktail aficionados have already had the Eau de Vie team posting copies to Singapore, Russia, Brazil and beyond, self-publishing has tempered global distribution numbers.

With a passion for drinks leading the content, Eau de Vie's book shares some of the team’s expert knowledge as it relays how to perfect the classics in the accessible format of a beautifully bound hardback, embellished with gold letterpress. This attention to detail is not surprising. “Whether it’s a classic martini, or a signature cocktail, we try to ensure that each drink arrives with theatre and panache and that is what we’ve tried to do with the book and its presentation,” explains Almenning.

Stories and signature drinks were drawn from the talented bartenders of Eau de Vie Sydney and Melbourne, who are no stranger to accolades. Classics and “50 of the finest” have been contributed by Jack Sotti, recently dubbed Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender of the Year, and Gregory Sanderson, Australian Bar Awards Bartender of the Year in 2013.

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The group is also branching out. It has just opened Boilermaker House, a bar that focuses on craft beer and malt whisky.

Eau de Vie's Shaken, Stirred, Flamed and Thrown is $49.95 and is available online.