Little Creatures doesn't run on pretence. They opened up a large concrete dining hall and called it just that. With tables, beers and buzz galore, the Victorian home to this Fremantle brewery is a true beer barn. You'd want to love a pint to commit your patronage here – there are no spirits and a limited wine list, but every Little Creatures brew under the sun, obviously. Dining-wise, this is beer food with some nice surprises: dishes like pizza, steak & onion pie, fish & chips and nachos abound, but allow room for pipsqueak cider mussels with kale and bacon or pulled-pork sliders; although with meals mostly under $20, leaving room isn’t always easy. They even do big breakfasts on the weekends if you feel like indulging in the hair of the dog that bit you.

Little Creatures Dining Hall is expansive, open and all-inclusive. But you can’t book, so even though there are over 200 seats to gamble on, you may find yourself waiting at the door should you bring a large group on a Friday night, or summer’s weekend afternoon.