If Little Mule (Little Mule Co. Pty. Ltd.) was purely a performance art piece, it'd probably still be as popular. The fact that this collection of Bauhaus shapes is a business and more than just a charming background only adds to the magic of such a place.

In a city of proud coffee drinkers and makers, Little Mule make a solid, good, no fuss coffee. When 20 minutes of explanation about the bean and science-experiment production feel too much, Little Mule take pride in its make, but save the song and dance for others. Imagine what they can do with a bike.

Alongside the brew, you'll find a selection of toasted sandwiches, melted cheese toasties and deliciously fresh baguettes filled with ingredients straight from the Queen Victoria Market available for both breakfast and lunch.

The beauty of a store like Little Mule can’t be underestimated. The polished bicycle frames and components pop off the naked brickwork and elevate the space from being a cafe with bikes to a something akin to a gallery of cool shapes and colours.

For a city that has gone mad over the sexy lure of the simplicity of the single speed and fixed gear, Little Mule stands above all comers because it feels like a community and not a clique. It’s a welcoming approach; the opening of its doors, the gentle arms that will have even the most confused tourist glad they took a wrong turn at Somerset Place.