One would expect a cafe renowned for its family friendly atmosphere to be filled with the smears of tiny handprints, eye-assaulting primary colours and the din of unintelligible war cries. But Miss Marmalade, a revamped townhouse in Brunswick, offers familial hospitality, relative civility and well-executed dishes to cater for all types.

The coffee is exceptional, with Five Senses beans smoothly blended into creamy lattes with well-rounded tulips. The all-day breakfast menu features traditional, simple fare, prepared with unexpected twists. The delicately crumbling cornbread (which is home-baked) and the rosemary toast beneath the Eggs Benny deserve special mention.

The lunch menu includes more exciting offerings: caramelised pork belly sandwiches and spiced chicken salad with cous cous and quinoa. Or grab a cake: all are made in-house.

The cosy, rustic-chic feel is mirrored in the decor, with exposed brick walls, recycled wood and antique medicine bottles holding tiny flower arrangements (no doubt picked from the wooden boxes out the front). And, of course, there is the airy family room at the back, complete with toys, books, and a chalkboard.

With excellent coffee, attention to detail (not to mention the breakfast cocktails), this is a cafe to please all.