Code Black Coffee, tucked just off Sydney Road in Brunswick, is a reminder of the value of craftsmanship for the iGeneration. Everything about this café and roasting house – the brainchild of Joseph Haddad, the man behind the Cafenatics stores dotted throughout the CBD – echoes of meticulous preparation and the pursuit of excellence.

First, chef Laura Neville’s menu is generously sized, uniformly fresh and elegant. The food looks incredible on the plate and disappears from it with alarming ease, whether you’re tucking into a roast beef and roasted potato sandwich, or the grilled asparagus with shaved prosciutto, fresh herbs and butterbeans.

There is a pretty serious hit of coffee here, and the day-to-day operations, run by Brad Nixon, are fairly formidable. Out the front, there’s the Code Black seasonal blend, as well as a rotating single origin that’s roasted in-house, pumped out by two machines. Suffice to say, the coffee itself, with the beans available for purchase over the counter, is on the favourable side of impressive.

The back of the Code Black menu simply reads in small font: “The Sublime and The Ridiculous”, which basically sums this place up. Sublime in the quality of its design and ridiculous in the excellence of its execution.