After decent stints at St ALi and Proud Mary, coffee veteran Kris Wood stepped out on his own with Clement, a hole-in-the-wall cafe in the South Melbourne Market.

Wood’s goal is to have more people drinking great coffee. His Kees van der Westen Spirit espresso machine – imported from Holland and one of the first in Melbourne – certainly doesn't harm the cause.

According to Wood, the emphasis is on “giving customers a choice and sharing specialty coffee on their level”. Part of this involves using a particular bean for weeks at a time, rather than daily rotations, so drinkers experience varying characteristics on different days.

Coffee is from Market Lane, Small Batch or is Clement’s own beans – the latter being roasted off-site at a nearby St ALi warehouse. Filter methods are AeroPress and plunger, while a Pony Blend made for Pony Bikes in West Melbourne is available for stove top. Labels hope to educate; listing farm names, origin, varieties and flavour.

There’s also hot chocolate from local specialists Mörk and small treats sourced from Melbourne producers that can be enjoyed at street-side tables.