30 Mill refers to the amount of coffee that goes into a shot, and exemplifies just how much these guys think about coffee.

A huge poster of the New York skyline and Frank Sinatra’s crooning lyrics of the same legendary song are the only relics of the mortgage brokers who last occupied the space on Milton Parade. But it's Italy not the US that takes pride of place: the Synesso Cyncra coffee machine that’s perched on the counter.

30 Mill offers a Five Senses house blend, a rotating single-origin roast, as well as few more interesting additions to the drinks menu such as the 30 Mill affogato – 40mls of the single origin of the week poured over vanilla bean ice-cream, with a smattering of Crunchie chocolate over the top.

A large '40s lamp that hangs on a system of pulleys and D-bolts, ties in an industrial-nautical theme nicely; the heavy marine rope anchoring the light to the wall that has knots so impressive that they have become a feature themselves.

Situated across Malvern's Tooronga Station, 30 Mill offers breakfast basics such as toast and pastries, organic muesli. You can also grab a choice of sandwiches for lunch or to pop in your bag before jumping on the train.