Three years ago 250 copies of COOKBOOK One, Two, Three were hand-printed at the Melbourne Museum of Printing.

It was no surprise that every single copy this very special publication was snatched up in the blink of an eye, each page lined with unique recipes from famed eateries around Melbourne and decorated with etchings from renowned Melbourne artists.

The kind young folk at design agency Wolfgang, Shlomo & Max have dug deep into their archives to unearth the last five copies of COOKBOOK One, Two, Three and they are releasing them out to the public again, with all proceeds going directly to the Australian AIDS Fund Inc.

The sale is triggered by the sad news that the Australian AIDS Fund Inc. is closing its doors due to the sudden illness of the charity’s founder Brian Haill.

The money raised from the sales of the unreleased books will go to the Australian charity’s last venture, to enable education and personal healthcare for girls in Africa. This inspirational charity has made the world a better place with its compassion, selflessness and generosity.

Featuring a charming collection of recipes from chefs including Culter & Co.’s Andrew McConnell, Rockpool’s Neil Perry and Flower Drum’s Anthony Lui, this highly sought-after cookbook will not only spice up your culinary skills, but colour your kitchen with beautiful original artwork.

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Each book contains 24 delectable recipes, hand-printed on Australian made cotton paper using traditional printing methods and decorated with artists’ original etchings at the Melbourne Museum of Printing.

There will also be a limited number of artist lino prints available online by Jon Campbell, Ned Culic and Tin & Ed.

COOKBOOK One, Two, Three and the limited edition original prints will be available online via Wolfgang Shlomo & Max’s website for $40 per print and $100 per book.