There is rarely another food or beverage that we consume quite like we do coffee. On our morning missions for the perfect cup, we’ve learnt that our daily brew isn’t simply about the beans we use, but also the way it’s made, the people who have made it and the places we drink it. We’ve also met a few people around town who share this view.

Having opened earlier this week, just opposite Magic Johnston on Johnston Street in Collingwood (with some design elements created by Rob Cordiner who works out of the creative studio), Everyday Coffee is a cafe dedicated to providing consistently outstanding coffee, every day.

Mark Free is one of the four behind this venture and he arrived highly endorsed. He has spent years on the machine at Brother Baba Budan and is also the man behind the roving Black Coffee pop-up, which has caffeinated devotees from Melbourne to Sydney. But he’s not doing it alone.

At Everyday Coffee, the team includes friends with coffee pedigree; Aaron Maxwell (Seven Seeds)/Wide Open Road), Joe Miranda (Seven Seeds/Wide Open Road) and Hugo Atkins (Magic Johnston/RAOB GAB Buffalo Club).

Everyday is almost entirely about coffee, with the idea to have a bunch of different beans and roasts on offer and to collaborate with others to bring the best coffee available for its given use. Though constantly changing, they’re currently using Seven Seeds Espresso for black espresso coffee, Small Batch Candyman for white espresso coffee (with milk), Code Black Kenyan Mugaya for their Everyday batch brew and Market Lane Guatemalan Santa Isabel (Cup of Excellence Lot 3) on pour over.

A selection of sweet things are also available, which will vary from day to day and, like the coffee, will include some of their favourites from locals suppliers Lune Croissants, Fatto a Mano, Bar Paradiso and Bakewell & Co.

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A retail wall selling beans and mugs is another feature in the small space, which houses about 20 seats at which to drink your daily brew.

Everyday Coffee
33 Johnston Street, Collingwood

Mon to Sat 7am–5pm
Sun 8am–5pm