Barcelona-born Frank Camorra travelled through his family’s home region to unearth the history and traditional recipes of Spain’s sun-drenched southernmost region. And he went with award-winning food writer (and long-time collaborator), Richard Cornish and photographer Alan Benson.

With a rich, unique culture, and a fierce sense of cultural identity, Andalucía is the birthplace of some of Spain’s most recognised national icons. Flamenco, bull fighting and sherry all originated in here. And thanks to its fertile fields, sweeping coastline and varied historical influences, the region’s food has plenty of inimitable style, too.

The MoVida chef and his friends met with an assortment of butchers, farmers, fisherman and housewives (and even a group of famed, pastry-making nuns), and went to the very heart of this wonderful old culture. The souvenirs he collected on this journey (more than 100 recipes) are all beautifully documented in his new book, MoVida Solera. You’ll find morcilla-studded flamenco stew from Malaga, oxtail rice from Cordoba and gypsy donuts from Seville. And you can forget the Thermo mix and fancy knife skills – as always, Camorra’s recipes are accessible and easy to execute.

Benson’s photographs link together the story of each of the region’s eight major cities with a stirring collection of images that capture the colour and exuberance of Spain’s hottest and most vibrant region.

Camorra has also included a handy guide to the best bars and eating in Andalucía’s major cities, so there’s no fear of going hungry if you find yourself lost on the streets of Malaga, Granada or Seville.

Published by Lantern, MoVida Solera by Frank Camorra and Richard Cornish will be available from bookshops nationally from September 24.