As part of the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, coffee blog Birds of Unusual Vitality has published its first printed magazine in collaboration with Everyday Coffee and Dawn Press. Birds of Unusual Vitality Volume 1 aims to shine a light on some of the brightest minds in the specialty coffee industry.

Ever since the launch of Birds of Unusual Vitality, editor Eileen P. Kenny has been producing engaging content that shares the personal stories of caffeine connoisseurs and everyone who loves and works with coffee. Recreating the blog’s signature style with a neat editorial layout and lush portrait photography, the print edition features insightful interviews with leading coffee sorts, from baristas, roasters, farmers, pickers and workers – basically everyone involved in the process of coffee production from start to finish.

In the inaugural issue, Kenny speaks to Tim Varney, who has spent 15 years learning about coffee in Norway and chats with coffee blogger Peter Giuliano and Market Lane’s Jason Scheltus about their backgrounds and how they first got involved in the coffee industry.

Copies of the magazine will be available for sale at the initiation party tonight at 7pm at Everyday Coffee, as well as limited edition Risograph portrait prints of interviewees. It’s a free event and there will be drinks and cheese for guests.

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