For many of us, the love affair with Melbourne rooftops started when Alex, Evan and Kelly would look out from the top of their St Kilda abode in The Secret Life of Us and wonder what the road ahead of them carried. Though not quite as philosophical, the city dwellers willingness to climb copious flights of stairs and bask in the sun has never dwindled since. Stalwarts such as Madame Brussels, Rooftop Bar and The Palms have been keeping things in order for quite some time, but we decided to delve a little deeper into the alleyways and see which other gems were lurking about.

The ideal place to cap off the working week, Ferdydurke is worth the short stair climb to reach the bar. The cocktail menu is alphabetised and the Vietnamese menu is simple and delicious. If you’re completely beat, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable enough to help you out of your computer screen-induced coma and get you excited for a Saturday sleep-in.

This rooftop has been home to the iconic Siglo Bar for quite some time now. Serving up some of the best drinks in town and offering a small but considered menu from The Supper Club, there’s not many things stopping you from happily whiling the hours away in this French-inspired space.

The Aylesbury
The more summer appropriate sibling of Gertrude Street stalwart Anada, The Aylesbury not only offers up one of the most considered bar menus in the CBD, but also views to rival too. And as a celebration of the warmer months being back in our favour, traditional Spanish paellas have been promised for Sunday afternoons. Not a bad way to farewell the weekend, really.

The Red Hummingbird
Two storeys above street level, The Red Hummingbird breathes a new and slightly mysterious air and manages to whisk you and your cares away from the time you take a sip of your very first drink. For a perfect starter, you can’t go past their perfectly executed classic, the Negroni.

The Order Of Melbourne
The Order Of Melbourne’s Tiki Rooftop Bar is an old favourite that never lets us down. Fit for around 50, with its own bar, this little rooftop is a great escape from the city and the action in the main room below. Look out for barbecue nights when the chefs migrate to the roof.

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