Beginning in August, Ricky and Pinky will begin serving yum cha on Friday through Sunday.

Taking inspiration from her Hong Kong heritage, head chef Archan Chan will put a contemporary twist on traditional dim sum.

The menu will feature Peking duck spring rolls (made with duck that’s been dry-roasted on the restaurant’s outdoor rotisserie); Chinese doughnuts wrapped in rice noodles and topped with pork floss; shiitake and spinach dumplings; and custard buns for dessert.

There will also be dishes for more intrepid yum cha fans, such as honeycomb tripe and chicken feet.

Service will be slightly different with the new menu in place, with staff roaming around with the yum cha dishes on trays, ready to help diners and explain how to tackle the more adventurous options.

Ricky & Pinky’s Yum Cha menu will be available from August 5, Friday to Sunday from midday to 4pm.

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