Young Henrys is giving you the chance to pre-order cases of beer at a special price of $50 per case ahead of summer festival season. That’s cheaper than a case of VB.

The Sydney brewery is offering up cases of its Newtowner Pale Ale, Natural Lager and Cloudy Cider at a cool $22 less than the standard price.

The cases will be available for pick up at the Commercial Club Hotel in Fitzroy from December 5 to 7, between 4pm and 7pm. Anyone who forgets to pre-order can buy them over the bar for $55.

When you pick up your drinks, you can also take advantage of a free round on Young Henrys. During the pick up time, the crew will be tapping kegs of Newtowner and Natural Lager for a three-day "Neighbourhood Bar Shout’".

You can pre-order the cases from Wednesday, up until December 7.

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This article was amended on November 30, 2017.

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