Melbourne’s all-vegan kebab shop, Kevabs, is selling take-home packs of its signature Turkish-inspired “kevab” meat, as well as pre-packed salads, sweets and groceries, so customers can get their late-night kebab fix at home.

The spicy meat substitute is free from soy, meat, dairy, eggs, gluten, lactose, nuts and sugar and can be bought by the half-kilo for $15 per pack.

“It’s ready to go, it’s seasoned, it freezes well,” says owner and cook Angie Yaka, who opened the eatery opposite Barkly Square on Sydney Road, Brunswick, about a year ago.

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Yaka’s creation can be baked, pan-fried or grilled, and served kebab-style in a pita wrap with lettuce, tomato, sumac onions and tursu (Turkish pickled vegetables), or any way you like.

“We offer recipes if people want to take it home. They can either have it as meatballs or put it in a stir-fry. A lady picked it up and said she was going to do a taco night with it,” she says.

Kevabs is also doing its full menu takeaway, which means you can still get a rolled-up kevab to go, as well as vegan boreks or a plant-based halal snack pack made with kevab meat on chips with vegan cheese, doused in your choice of chilli, barbeque, tomato and garlic sauces.

The chips are gluten-free and come dukkah-dusted, or as “dessert” chips, topped with tahini sauce, rose-jam jelly and pistachio.

The popular, rotating selection of colourful salads remains, but Yaka is pre-packing them, mixing two or three into grab’n’go containers. She’s also been experimenting with different flavours for the vegan baklava and promises a hot-cross-bun version for Easter.

“I have people messaging me on Instagram saying, ‘Hey, have you got baklava?’ and literally buying it by the trayful. So that’s super sweet,” says Yaka.

A grocery stand is stocked with jarred tursu and olives, olive oil, salt, spices, bickies, canned goods, Turkish coffee and homemade hand sanitiser. The sanitiser is based on a traditional Turkish cologne recipe that’s 80 per cent alcohol.

Pre-orders for pick-up can be made by phone, and Yaka will even walk your food out to your car – like a friendly, healthy drive-through service.