Brae isn’t just one of the best dining experiences in regional Victoria – it’s one of the best restaurants in the country. So if you’re driving an hour and a half from Melbourne into the Otways – and enjoying a few glasses of wine – staying overnight is a tempting option, if not just a sensible one.

Bookings are now available for six luxury guest suites at Brae, opening in February 2016 on the 30-acre Birregurra property.

As owner Dan Hunter told Broadsheet in a previous interview, “The plan is not to be a hotel. I guess the concept is a restaurant with rooms. It’s an opportunity for people to extend their stay on the property and for us to offer a different level of service.”

Like the food, the overnight experience will be highly considered and not overreaching. There will be six large, self-contained rooms at around 60-square metres each. Hunter describes them as the equivalents of five-star suites in the city. Each will have a large living space, outdoor deck and a substantial mini-bar (which Hunter assures will be impressive – not just a, “Little pissy bottle you can’t get a drink out of”).

The architecture of the rooms, by Six Degrees (which also did the restaurant), will complement the existing landscape – not overly rustic, but not off-puttingly modern, either. The restaurant’s dedication to sustainability will continue through the rooms, too – the plan is to sustain them with rainwater and solar energy.

The rooms will include king beds fitted with organic cotton linen, a skylight for stargazing, a turntable with a record collection and underfloor heating.

Hunter plans to make use of his outdoor brick oven, and will offer in-room breakfasts of wood-fired sourdough bread, pastries and produce from the property and nearby makers and farmers.

Brae will open its guest accommodation in February 2016. Online bookings are now available online or at (03) 5236 2226.