Xocolatl is an artisanal chocolate maker and cafe with three outposts around Melbourne. The name Xocolatl – pronounced sho-ko-la-tl – is an Aztec word that directly translates to “bitter water” – so it seem fitting that the newest store in Toorak’s Hawksburn Village will serve filtered cocoa drinks at a specialty brew bar.

“We’re innovative and creative chocolatiers, that love to push the boundaries but also have a deep underlying respect for tradition,” says Maddy Partsioglou, daughter of owner and chocolatier Christos, and also Xocolatl’s general manager.

“If you can brew single origin coffee, why can’t you do the same for single origin chocolate?” says Partsioglou. "They’re very similar products in growth, only difference is one you eat and one you drink".

The drink can be either served warm as a ‘pour over’ (with a more intense cocoa flavour ) or made using the ‘cold drip’ method, giving the drink a more tea-like character. Using single origin cocoa nibs, the drink is lighter than a typical hot chocolate, and is dairy and sugar free. The cocoa nibs are sourced from countries including Peru, Ecuador and Ghana, with two varieties available each day. The Toorak store is the only one of the three (the others are in Canterbury and Kew) with the brew bar.

For summer, Christos and Tina Partsioglou, the father-and-daughter chocolatier team, has also created a range of flavoured frozen ganache.

“We knew we had to do [something different] to the bonbons… [something] lighter, fresher and more pleasant to eat in summer" says Christos.

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“After much trial and error we achieved the perfect fluffy texture,” Tina says. With a similar texture to ice-cream, the ganache can be purchased individually in store or in a box of 15. The flavours choices are white chocolate and raspberry, hazelnut, Venezuelan single origin, passionfruit and honey, and coconut.

11 Strathalbyn Street, Kew East
(03) 9857 0971

Mon to Sat 9am–5pm
Sun 9.30am–1.30pm

66 Maling Road, Canterbury
(03) 9836 3100

611 Malvern Road, Toorak
(03) 9826 3457

Mon to Fri 8am–5.30pm
Sat 9am–5.30pm
Sun 10am–5.30pm