While Rockwell and Sons are perhaps best known for their double smash patty burger oozing with Kraft cheese, those in the know gather up a posse and head down for the fried chicken on Wednesday nights. Not mentioned on their website or menu, this “worst kept secret” special must be booked in advance and is designed to be a communal and social dining experience centred around a highly addictive delicacy.

For $60, a whole chook, cut into eight pieces of golden, crispy organic chicken, brined for three days and finished with Myrtleford Butter Factory buttermilk. Accompanying the chicken are Southern biscuits, devilled eggs and a trio of side dishes that change weekly. These might include mac’n’cheese, mustardy potato salad with tarragon, squash casserole, coleslaw or one of the many house-made pickle varieties.

Chef Casey Wall (who hails from North Carolina via Cutler & Co and New York’s The Spotted Pig), has been making biscuits since he was five years old and has adapted his grandmother’s fried chicken recipe for the Wednesday night special.

Bookings are recommended and diners order by number of chickens they require (Rockwell and Sons suggest one chicken feed three people, although they have seen a single person attack and conquer a whole one to themselves).


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