French patisserie Ladurée will be opening its first Melbourne store in late October, as part of Chadstone’s $660 million redevelopment.

The bakery was founded in Paris in 1862 by miller and prolific writer Louis Ernest Ladurée.

Since then, its grown into a global brand with stores in more than 20 countries. It already has two in Sydney.

Back in the 1930s, Pierre Desfontaines, a relative of Ladurée, claims to have invented the double-decker “sandwich” macaron we eat today (they used to be sold detached). But, as with all food origin stories, the truth is debatable.

The Chadstone store will have a nine-seater marble bar and a tearoom to seat 21. The shop will sit under a 12-metre transparent dome – so you won’t miss it. Macarons, chocolate, confectionary and tea will be available to eat in or takeaway.