There was buzz in the west when it was revealed that the Social Roasting Company cafe on Racecourse Road had changed hands in May and has now become the first permanent STREAT cafe.

You may know STREAT from its coffee carts, which have previously taken up temporary residence at Melbourne Central and Federation Square. If not, it’s probably best you get acquainted. STREAT is an organisation that provides hospitality training and support to homeless youth and is serving up some flavoursome food in the process.

With Social Roasting Company deciding to focus on their wholesale business, STREAT’s social conscience makes it a logical replacement but has triggered coffee lovers to lament the loss of Social Roasting online.

The all-day brunching menu at STREAT Flemington has been put together by STREAT’s executive chef and general manager of food services, Rob Auger, and reflects his interest in a variety of world cuisines and Melbourne’s fresh, seasonal produce. As such, the menu includes items as diverse as a soft-shelled crab Po boy sandwich, chipotle-spiced beans with chimichurri and coriander pork belly, and a soy-infused tofu scramble served with shiitake mushrooms and crispy shallots on sourdough bread. All of your standard egg breakfast options also make an appearance.

The coffee comes from STREAT’s own onsite roaster and there’s organic soft drinks and tea aplenty. Particularly warming is the yuzu tea, a citrus infusion that will ward off any winter sniffles in no time. Those with demanding sweet tooths can sate their sugar cravings with a whole cabinet devoted to cakes, biscuits and slices.

The service may not be as polished as what you’re used to elsewhere about town, but remember that most of the staff are beneficiaries of STREAT’s training and mentoring programs and are still learning about the industry firsthand.

Will STREAT’s wears be enough to win over the Social Roasting stalwarts lamenting its demise? It’s certainly worth your while to try it and see.

STREAT Flemington
307 Racecourse Road, Flemington
(03) 9372 3288

Mon to Fri 7am–4pm
Sat and Sun 8am–4pm