Scotty Yeoman (MasterChef Australia, 2014) and Sunny Gilbert (head chef at MoVida Next Door) have opened The Window Cnr Cafe on a quiet, suburban street corner in Reservoir.

The boys have done the fit-out of the former hair salon themselves (Yeoman was a carpenter in his previous life) and Gilbert’s girlfriend, Maria Petrova, did the artwork inside and outside the building.

Jaffles and salads give a sense of a menu that’s not trying to overreach, but there are cheffy touches here and there that remind you of the owners’ pedigree. 63-degree eggs come with oak-smoked trout, Spanish onion and capers on a buttermilk bun. Yoghurt comes with fresh berries, freeze-dried mandarin segments and sorrel. The Window Cnr also gets the small details right. La Madre supplies the pastries, Pepe Saya butter comes with the toast, and soft drinks are from Capi.

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The specials board hanging above the counter will soon advertise daily jaffle and smoothie specials, plus anything else the boys feel like putting on.

“Our neighbours are really excited to have a cafe in the area, so we want to keep them happy, and that includes their kids,” says Yeoman. “So we’ll always have a few kids specials on, too.”

The Window Cnr Cafe
3 Mendip Road, Reservoir
(03) 9471 4619

Thu to Sun 7am–5pm (closed Mon to Wed)