Broadsheet and Sonos are offering one lucky winner the chance to attend an exclusive dinner party at one of Melbourne’s best restaurants and leave with a Sonos PLAY:1 speaker to continue the party at home. The catch? You’ll need to bring 15 of your closest friends. And they better have good taste in music.

That’s because on Wednesday June 22, the Sonos and Broadsheet Playlist Potluck party will take over Ricky & Pinky, Andrew McConnell’s Chinese diner on Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.

What’s Playlist Potluck? It’s a Sonos-inspired take on the traditional potluck concept, but instead of guests each bringing a dish to the communal table, they bring songs to play during the evening. With diners handling the soundtrack, Ricky & Pinky head chef Archan Chan will serve an exclusive yum cha dinner menu, paired with a diverse drinks list by head wine buyer, Mark Williamson, designed to surprise. But the most important element of atmosphere will come from you.

To enter the competition, entrants must nominate the three songs they’d like to playlist during the party. The winner and their guests will then find themselves in control of the music during the communal dinner via a specially installed Sonos sound system and in-house Spotify playlist. “It’s the yum cha spirit to encourage dancing, singing and laughter,” says Williamson.

The unique menu for the evening is directly inspired by Chan’s upbringing in Hong Kong, and will feature a variety of personal and nostalgic dishes from the acclaimed chef. These include delicacies such as grilled beef ribs with pepper sauce, rolled noodles with Chinese doughnut and pork floss, and five-spice and sand-ginger salted chicken. Dishes will be paired with Tsing Tao longnecks, complementary wines, and a range of Asian-inspired cocktails such as Heiwa Shuzo Yuzushu and soda, and Umeshu-spiced rum and bitters, to match.

Chan says yum cha is perfectly suited to communal style dining, allowing each guest to sample a variety of flavours and textures, both tantalising and challenging. “To me, a lot of the dishes are quite familiar,” says Chan. “But it will be interesting to see the reaction from people that haven’t grown up with them.”

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All you have to do to win a chance to feast with your friends at the Playlist Potluck and leave with a Sonos PLAY:1 home speaker is choose three songs to playlist at the party. Pan pipes with pan fried scallop and pork pie? House music with honeycomb tripe and spicy sauce? It’s all up to you. See entry details below.

This competition is now closed. Broadsheet would like to thank everyone who entered and congratulate our lucky winner Lauren F

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Sonos. Find out more about Playlist Potluck.