Coffee capsules sure make drinking coffee easier and cheaper than a visit to your local cafe. But they seem to compromise on taste, which is a big drawback – especially when we’re surrounded by so many good coffee roasters in Melbourne.

Pod & Parcel matches the convenience of the coffee-capsule machine with the flavour of Melbourne coffee, and has partnered with Brunswick-based coffee roaster and cafe Code Black to kickstart its first month in business.

Melbourne locals Elliott Haralambous and Ben Goodman founded Pod & Parcel six months ago. They have worked together as strategy consultants for the past couple of years.

“We actually came up with the idea for Pod & Parcel while staying back late at the office when our favourite cafes weren’t open to keep us going,” says Goodman.

The capsules are locally manufactured, compatible with any Nespresso coffee machine and are a cafe-quality alternative to the standard coffee capsule.

The pair is confident the flavours, aroma and story of the coffee roast are re-created in each capsule.

“Working closely with Code Black, we’ve been relentless with repeated testing and refinement of our product,” says Goodman. “We would never release a product that wouldn’t accurately pay homage to the original roaster.”

Going another step further, Pod & Parcel recognise the environmental concerns associated with capsule consumption and have tried to mitigate waste as much as possible.

Every day Australians consume 2.5 to 3 million coffee capsules – and for a non-recyclable product, that’s an alarming amount of wasted material in landfill.

“It was important for us to be able to give our consumers peace of mind that they could contribute to the capsule’s recycling journey,” says Goodman.

All Pod & Parcel capsules are made from 100 per cent recyclable PBT plastic. So once the foil cap and coffee grounds are removed, the capsule can be placed in normal recycling bins to be converted into other plastics for further reuse.

“We’ve also substantially reduced the packaging material compared to what’s currently on the market, and staying local reduces miles travelled too,” says Haralambous.

Pod & Parcel is working with a third-party recycler to introduce its own pod-recycling program. This could greatly combat the problem of capsules ending up in landfill and make Pod & Parcel a much more sustainable option than what’s currently on the market.

But the long-term goal for Pod & Parcel is to follow America’s lead and create a fully biodegradable product. What’s holding it back from achieving this in the short term is being able to locate the right specialty manufacturer within Australia to keep the supply chain local.

“We want to change the perception of coffee capsules, from a simple convenience to a genuinely excellent alternative,” says Haralambous.

And as the name suggests, Pod & Parcel offers a delivery service straight to your home or office. You can purchase a single box from one of its featured roasters or subscribe to receive an ongoing monthly delivery with a rotating list of some of Melbourne’s best local roasters.

“We’ll only partner with the best local roasters who have end-to-end knowledge on the life cycle of the beans used,” says Goodman.