In a creative collaboration between vodcast production company and Tourism Victoria, a new initiative dubbed Counterpart pairs influential local talents with their international counterparts in a series of short films where creatives collaborate, discuss their process or perform their art.

The first, recently released short film features executive chef of The European, Ian Curley, work together with English chef Angela Hartnett to execute a dinner for 60 patrons at The European during the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

Counterpart is planned to be an ongoing series incorporating a range of creative industries such as music, acting, all facets of design and filmmaking. Dave King, director of along with partners Lou Weis and Matt Hopper, explains the project’s genesis. “For a while now, we’ve been documenting the creative process of international artists visiting Melbourne,” he says. “Tourism Victoria saw these and approached us about doing something with them.”

This resulted in the decision to explore people’s creative processes, but unlike the two chefs in Counterpart’s first episode, the subjects won’t necessarily be from the same industry. “Part of this is to try and find patterns and insights in many creative processes for the audience,” says King. “Counterpart is for people who think about Melbourne as a cultural destination, who live here and want to know about how creative people go about things.”

Still in its infancy, Counterpart will be producing more films this year, outside the glare of the mainstream, but with the curious observer in mind.

Check out the first episode with Ian Curley and Angela Hartnett here: