Beyond all the celebrations, buttered hot cross buns and seemingly endless amounts of chocolate, it’s funny how Easter often provides us with an abrupt reminder of just how fast the year is passing us by.

Always welcomed with opened arms, the Easter long weekend is also a great time to take in the real first break of the year and rejuvenate. So with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of cafes, bars and restaurants that are all trading over the holiday. Whether it’s somewhere new you’ve been meaning to try out, or simply an old favourite you’re hoping to drop into, this list should keep anyone who’s still in town satisfied.


Annoying Brother Espresso
Open Fri to Sat 9am–5pm, Mon (takeaway only)

John Gorilla
Open Fri to Mon 7am–3.30pm

Twenty and Six Espresso
Open Fri & Mon 7am–5pm, Sat & Sun 8am–4pm

Pope Joan
Open Sat to Mon 7.30am–3.30pm
Closed on Fri

Seven Seeds
Open Fri to Sun 8am–5pm, Mon (takeaway only 8am–2pm)

Little Henri
Open Sat & Sun 8.30am–4pm, Mon 7.30am–4pm
Closed on Fri

Two Short Men
Open Fri & Mon 7.30am–4.30pm, Sat 8.30am–4.30pm
Closed on Sun

Brother Alec
Open Fri 9am–2.30pm, Sat 7.30am–3pm, Mon 9am–2.30pm
Closed on Sun

Auction Rooms

Open Fri to Sat 7.30am–10pm, Sun & Mon 7.30am–5pm

Market Lane Coffee (Carlton)
Open Sat 7am–3pm, Sun 8am–3pm
Closed on Fri & Mon

Industry Beans
Open Fri to Mon 8am–5pm

Belle’s Diner
Open Fri & Mon noon–midnight, Sat 11am–midnight
Closed on Sun

De Clieu
Open Fri, Sat & Mon 7am-5pm, Sun 8am-5pm


St Edmonds
Open Fri 7.30am–4pm, Sat & Sun 8am–5pm, Mon 7.30am–4pm

Dead Man Espresso
Open Fri & Mon 8am-3pm, Sat & Sun 8am-4pm

Il Fornaio
Open Fri & Mon 7am–5pm, Sat & Sun 8am–5pm

Primrose Hill Deli
Open Fri & Mon 8am–3pm, Sat & Sun 9am–5pm

Miss Jackson
Open Fri to Sun 7am–4pm
Closed on Mon

Market Lane Coffee (Prahran)
Open Sat 7am–5pm
Closed Fri, Sun & Mon

Two Birds One Stone
Open Sat & Sun 8am–4pm, Mon 7am–4pm
Closed on Fri

St Ali
Open Fri to Mon 7am–6pm

Open Fri to Mon 11am–11pm

Hanoi Hannah
Open Fri noon–5pm, Sat & Sun noon–11pm, Mon 5pm–11pm

France Soir
Open Fri to Mon noon–midnight

Golden Fields
Open Fri to Sun noon–midnight
Closed on Mon

Stokehouse Restaurant
Open Fri to Mon noon–3pm, 6pm–midnight

Stokehouse Café
Open Fri to noon–late, Sat to Mon 7.30am–late

The Botanical
Open Sat 8.30am–late
Closed on Fri, Sun & Mon

Hercules Morse
Open Fri (dinner only), Sat 10am–11pm
Closed Sun & Mon

Claremont Tonic
Open Sat 6pm–midnight
Closed Fri, Sun & Mon

Saigon Sally
Open Fri to Sat 6pm–midnight
Closed Sun & Mon
Open Fri 5.30pm–late, Sat & Mon 11am–late
Closed on Sun

Acland St Cantina
Open Fri to Mon 7am–3am

Gardiner and Field
Open Fri 7am–noon (takeaway coffees only)
Closed Sat to Mon

Coin Laundry
Closed Fri to Sun Reopening on Mon 7am–4pm

Big Boy BBQ
Open Sat to Mon noon–8pm
Closed on Fri

Open Fri & Sat 8am-11pm, Sun & Mon 8am-4pm


Top Paddock
Open Fri to Mon 8am–4pm

Three Bags Full
Open Fri to Mon 8am–5pm

Friends of Mine
Open Fri to Mon 8.30am–4pm (kitchen closes at 3pm)

Snow Pony
Open Fri to Mon 8.30am–4pm

Pillar of Salt
Open Fri & Mon 7.30am–4.30pm, Sat & Sun 8am–5pm

Porgie and Mr. Jones
Open Fri to Mon 8.30am–4pm

Collective Espresso
Open Fri 7am–4pm, Sat & Sun 8am–4pm
Closed on Mon

Lil Boy Blue
Open Fri to Sun 8am–11pm, Mon 8am–4pm

Common Ground
Open Fri to Sun 9am–3pm, Mon 9am–noon

Baby Café and Pizzeria
Open Fri to Mon noon–late


Common Galaxia
Open Fri to Sun
Closed on Mon

The Premises
Open Sat to Mon 8am - 4pm
Closed on Fri

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Candied Bakery
Open Sat 7.30am–4pm
Closed Fri, Sun & Mon

West 48
Open Fri & Mon 7.30am–4pm, Sat & Sun 8am–8.30pm

Roller Door
Open Fri 6.30am–3.30pm, Sat & Sun 6.30am–4pm, Mon 7am–3pm

Open Sat to Mon 8am–3pm
Closed on Fri

Sourdough Kitchen
Open Fri & Mon 8am–2pm, Sat & Sun 7am–3pm

Dig A Pony
Open Sat to Mon 5pm–11pm
Closed on Fri


Brother Baba Budan
Open Fri & Mon 9am–5pm, Sat 7am–5pm
Closed on Sun

Chin Chin
Open Fri to Mon, 11am–11pm

Hu Tong
Open Fri to Sat 11am–11.30pm, Sun 11am–11pm, Mon 11am–10pm

The Cellar Bar
Open Sat 7.30am–late
Closed Fri, Sun & Mon

Open Fri to Sun 5.30pm–1am
Closed on Mon

Nama Nama
Open Sat 7am–5pm
Closed Fri, Sun & Mon

Touché Hombre
Open Sat 6pm–midnight
Closed Friday, Sun & Mon

Izakaya Den
Open Sat 5.30pm–11pm
Closed Fri, Sun & Mon

Cumulus Inc.
Open Fri lunch service, Sat & Sun 8am–11pm, Mon 7am–11pm

Cumulus Up
Open Fri & Sat 4pm–late
Closed Sun & Mon

Little Hunter
Open Sat noon–11pm
Closed Fri, Sun & Mon

Open Fri to Sun noon–midnight, Mon 6pm–midnight

1000 £ Bend
Open Fri 12pm-late, Sat to Mon 10am-late