Some hangovers feel like you’ve just been spat out of an overheating tumble dryer. Others can be pacified with an expertly curated (by you) concoction of food and drink. Focusing on the latter, we asked a raft of top chefs and restaurateurs where they go in Melbourne to eat when they’re hanging – and what they order to turn the day around.

Kay-Lene Tan

Soi 38 for boat noodles is the best hangover cure. Or if it’s late then it’s definitely Ling Nan for supper.

Shannon Martinez, Smith & Daughters

Yum cha at Golden Dragon Palace in Templestowe. I basically order one of everything that rolls past me and smash through a few jugs of post-mix Coke.

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Jason Staudt, Stokehouse

4 Seasons Laksa in Hampton East. Cash or bank transfer only, the family-run restaurant serving some of the best cheap-eats Malaysian around. Fish-ball soup reminds me of my time in Hong Kong, and the chicken laksa and fried rice is for me when I need to sweat some of the previous night out.

Peter Gunn, Ides and March

My hangover spot is Dragon Hot Pot – the Carlton branch. I find it much, much quieter than the CBD locations, which immediately helps the head when feeling a little dusty. My go-to dish when I’m not feeling so great after having maybe one or two too many drinks is the enoki mushrooms and fried tofu in the mild-spiced Sichuan hot-and-sour broth. For those not familiar with Dragon Hot Pot, you select your raw ingredients from about 80 options, select your soup and the chef boils it all up for you and serves it to you. You don’t have to cook it yourself like most hot pots (also very handy for the head).

Giorgia McAllister Forte, Monforte

We get mountains of goodies from A1 Bakery. Cheese pies, spinach pies, dips, bread, pizza. You name it. We eat it like a grazing platter (sometimes in bed) and then keep anything left over for lunch the next day.

Alejandro Saravia, Farmer’s Daughters and Victoria

As a Peruvian, I am always looking for fresh, tangy and spicy flavours after a big night out. Typically, I will go to a cevicheria in Peru and will order a few ceviches and a shot of tiger’s milk (the ceviche marinade liquid) and a cold beer. Here in Melbourne, my go-to will be the spicy papaya salad from Soi 38 and some of their delicious grilled pork neck.

Almay Jordaan, Neighbourhood Wine and Old Palm Liquor

My go-to for hungover comfort is hand-pulled noodles at Chinger Biang Biang in Carlton. I pretty much always have the special coriander beef noodles or beef da lu noodles! After that I can carry on (and face my small kids with a pounding head!).

Tom Sarafian, Sarafian Melbourne

When I’m deprived of nutrients and in need of something greasy and delicious, I head to Croxton Roosters Charcoal Chicken. I usually order a whole bird with lots of chips. If I have some harissa or toum in the fridge (which is pretty much all the time), I’ll eat it with that and feel better in no time!

Rosheen Kaul, Etta

“When I get my appetite back, I go to Macca’s and order two McSpicy fillets, three nuggets, a large fries and two McChicken sauces, empty it all into the paper bag and shake it, then wash it down with a Coke, of course. I used to work at Macca’s and that [postmix] Coke just heals all … Yes I am a monster.

Enza Soto, Reine head pastry chef

“I love going to Nico's Sandwiches in Brunswick and getting the chicken-schnitzel sandwich. It's the perfect balance of everything I need – some carbs, some fried chicken and some greens. They also have great coffee which makes it a no-brainer after a big night!”

Michael Bascetta, Bar Liberty, Capitano and Falco

While I can't remember the last time I was hungover (hello, dad life!), I don’t think I can go past a bacon sandwich with HP or similar sauce. I don't know anyone around the Collingwood area that does one. I have been known to order toast and a double side of bacon with HP sauce on the side so I can assemble my own at a cafe.

Dave Verheul, Embla

Not sure I’m up for the hungover angle but I could definitely add in a spot for the comfort one. There’s a place out near the pier in Altona called Matteo’s Delicatessen and they make the most ridiculous deli sandwich I’ve ever had. Stacked with cold cuts, green olives, marinated grilled peppers and eggplant – all wrapped in a soft ciabatta roll. If that’s not making you feel better, then nothing will.

Sebastian Pasinetti, Minds en Place

A hangover? What a luxury to have time to drink. When I am graced with spare time to indulge in fun resulting in a hangover, I go straight to Dragon Hot Pot. It’s a dream mix of veggies, delicious tofu fish cakes and a signature malatang broth, which if you get hot enough, will cancel out your hangover. You heard it here first.

Additional reporting by Audrey Payne

This article was originally published on November 28, 2022. It was updated on December 11, 2023 to remove out-of-date details.