Down a dead-end street overlooking Windsor Station, Two Lost Boys cafe has found an unlikely home.

It’s the first venture from young entrepreneurs Michael Almagor and Justin Kony, who spent several years fostering a friendly rivalry while finding their feet at various cafes around town.

The bright space is a clever configuration of reclaimed timber furnishings, with frosted light globe features, sprigs of native flora from the florist next door and a counter bookended by two halves of a salvaged door.

The all-important coffee (Monk Bodhi Dharma) boasts two rotating single origins alongside a house blend of Brazilian Pedro and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, while milk comes courtesy of Schulz Organic Farms in Timboon.

Chef Moshe Ittah’s sweet potato and beetroot fritters – served with salmon carpaccio, a hit of horseradish and walnut cream and an oozing poached egg – is a fierce favourite. The other sweet gem is the dessert-like knafeh: a crispy Mediterranean-style pastry with ricotta and halva filling, rose water syrup, crushed pistachios and exotic Egyptian fairy floss.

For lunch, pick from three salads (duck confit, house-cured salmon and fattoush), a top-cut beef brioche burger and a selection of fresh sandwiches.

With quality coffee, inventive food choices and a relaxed space to watch the flow of commuters, it’s easy to see why locals are falling fast for Two Lost Boys.

Two Lost Boys
20/2 Maddock Street, Windsor
(03) 9939 9313

Mon to Fri 6.30am–4pm Sat & Sun 8am–4pm