Three days off and no plans? Here’s a list of new and established restaurants, cafes and bars that are keeping their doors open.


Brother Baba Budan
Sat & Sun 7am–5pm
Mon 8.30am–5pm

Hash Specialty Coffee
Sat & Sun 8am–5pm
Mon 8am–4pm

Manchester Press
Sat to Mon 9am–5pm

Operator 25
Sat to Mon 9am–4pm

Shortstop Coffee & Donuts
Mon 9.30–4.30pm

Cumulus Inc
Sat to Mon 8am–11pm

Cumulus Up
Sat 4pm–1am
Sun 5pm–12am
Mon 5pm–late

Magic Mountain Saloon
Sat & Sun 8am–3am
Mon 7am–3am

Kirk's Wine Bar
Sat to Mon 9am–11pm

Lucy Liu
Sat to Mon 11am–late

Sat to Mon 11am–11pm

Sat to Mon 11.30am–10.30pm

San Telmo
Sat & Sun 12pm–11pm
Mon 5pm

Sat 6pm–11pm
Mon 12pm–3pm, 6pm–10pm


Sat & Sun 8am–3.30pm
Mon 9am–3.30pm

Little Man Cafe
Sat to Mon 8am–4pm

Ascot Food Store
Sat to Mon 7am–4pm

Truck Stop Deluxe
Sat to Mon 11.30am–9.30pm

Up In Smoke
Sat to Mon 11am–11pm

400 Gradi Essendon
Sat & Sun 12pm–11pm
Mon 5pm–11pm

Seddon Wine Store
Sat 10am–10pm
Sun & Mon 11am–8pm


Sat to Mon 10am–10pm

Bon Ap’
Sat 10am–11.30pm
Sun 9am–6pm
Mon 8.30am–5.30pm

Lucy Lockett
Sat to Mon 7.30am–3pm

A Minor Place
Sat to Mon 8am–5pm

Archie’s All Day
Sat to Mon 8am–5pm

Sat & Sun 8am–4pm
Mon 7am–4pm

Vertue of the Coffee Drink
Sat to Mon 7.30am–4pm

Black Pearl
Sat to Mon 5pm–3am

Naked in the Sky
Sat & Sun 12pm–1am
Mon 12pm–12am

Sat to Mon 12pm–1am


The Kilburn
Sat & Sun 4pm–3am
Mon 4pm–1am

Sat to Mon 7am–5pm

Sat to Mon 8am–4pm

Short Straw
Sat to Mon 7am–4.30pm

Mayday Coffee
Sat & Sun 7am–4pm
Mon 8am–4pm


Acland St Cantina Restaurant & Bar
Sat to Mon 5pm–late

Sat & Sun 12pm–11pm
Mon 5pm–11pm

Radio Mexico
Sat & Sun 12pm–late
Mon 5pm–late

Tokyo Tina
Sat 12pm–1am
Sun 12pm–12am
Mon 5pm–10pm

Hanoi Hannah
Sat to Mon 12pm–10pm

Saigon Sally
Sat 6pm–late
Sun 11.30am–4pm, 6pm–late
Mon 6pm–late

Hampton Wine
Sat to Mon 12pm–11pm

Sat to Mon 7am–5.30pm

The Joinery
Sat & Sun 7am–11pm
Mon 6am–4pm

Glovers Station
Sat to Mon 7am–3pm

Sat 7am–12pm
Sun 7am–8pm
Mon 7am–4pm

Milk the Cow
Sat to Mon 12pm–late