Prior to opening of Brooks last week – the CBD sequel to Gerald’s Bar – some of Melbourne’s top wine buyers, producers and products from around the world came together for an industry tasting.

Hosted by Imbibo, Lario and Halle aux Vins, these semi regular tasting events showcase new release wines to industry experts, bringing the who’s who of bars, restaurants and bistros together to mull over the best and the latest product.

From Belle’s Diner and Charcoal Hill on the Grill to Golden Fields and The Last Jar, the wine being drunk by the sommeliers and restaurateurs gives us an insight into what is likely to be poured the next time we drop into our favourite venue. Here is what’s on their to-drink list.

Jeff Salt (sommelier, Golden Fields)

Yarra Valley Chardonnay, 2010 Chablis and 2011 Mosel Riesling

Meg Abbott (sake sommelier, Golden Fields)

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Chilled Junmai Ginjo, Grosset Off Dry Riesling

Tony Donnini (Charcoal Hill on the Grill)

Fiano, Vermentino and Grignolino from Piedmont, and lots of Burgundy

Sam Hughes (Lario)

Loads of Soave

Ainslie Lubbock (Pei Modern)

I Clivi, Verduzzo, Olivier Lemasson Sparkling ‘Pow Blop Wizz’.

Jessica and Paul Ghaie (Blackhearts & Sparrows)

Chenin Blanc and Muscadet, and lots of Champagne

Lauren Bridges (The Last Jar)

2 Birds Golden Ale and lots of Rosé and Clare Riesling for summer

Sam Theodoropoulos (City Wine Shop)

Thevenet Macon Villages, NV Doyard Blanc de Blancs

Ludovic Deloche (Halle aux Vins)

Poulsard (red from the Jura) from Domaine Rolet

Michael Underwood (La Vita Buona)

Orange wines and Riesling

Cath Wilcocks (Imbibo)

Yebisu Gold tinnies and Luke Lambert Chardonnay

John-Anthony Chalker (Belle’s Diner)

Riesling and Aperol spritz

Simon Denman (Punch Lane)

Whites with “more texture and more phenolics”

Marcus Ellis (Mr Wolf and Vinsurgents)

Good quality Beaujolias from 2010 and Bespoke Bros Rosé

Cameron Kidd (Rathdowne Cellars)

2011 Gerard Boulay Sancerre

Evelyn Liong (Chez Regine)

St Helier and Napoleon & Co. Cider and Highland whisky

Leanne McLean (Monkey)

Pennyweight Constance and Shobbrook Carignan

Pauline Renkin (Monkey)

Prosecco and a basil and tomato Martini