Things are certainly sweeter with a touch of honey, whether it’s served over some porridge, spread on toast for breakfast or used when baking cakes or biscuits, the sticky, golden offering contains a unique natural taste we can’t help but love.

For the most part, we really only use this staple ingredient both sparingly as a sugar substitute, or general flavour enhancer, which seems strange since due to its excellence, they say the bee (and it’s sweet produce) was worshipped and held sacred by the ancient Mayans. So we thought we’d dig some out of the darkness of the pantry and appreciate honey as it once was.

It just so happens that a great way of doing the ancient ingredient some justice is by using it to create some cocktails. Lately, we’ve all seen honey flavoured vodka, or bourbon, and even whiskey, and sure, it’s not exactly the greatest stuff, but it certainly has the right idea.

Matching perfectly with a whole host of booze, which already contains fragrant or sweet qualities that pair well with honey, its use is further enhanced in cocktail mixing, as we all know how well it works with fruit. Think about it: Good alcohol + fresh fruit + sweet honey = the perfect summer cocktail.

An absolute no-brainer, this combination of ingredients is great to play around with – use a little experimentation (muddle fruit and work with different fruit juices), and lots of ice, along with some mixers – and you’ll find that this little number is fool proof. To get started however, simply check out the recipe below.

• 45ml bourbon
• 1tsp honey
• 1tsp boiling water
• 15ml lemon juice
• Schweppes dry ginger ale
• ice

Add the honey and boiling water to a glass and stir. Next pour the bourbon and lemon juice in and fill the glass with ice. Top up with ginger ale and garnish with a lemon wheel.