Until Broadsheet uncovered it in March, Melbourne’s dedicated lasagne delivery service 1800 Lasagne operated under the radar for years.

Joey Kellock would borrow friends’ restaurant kitchens to prep his three-cheese lasagnes – bolognaise or vegetarian, both big on bechamel – then take orders via direct message or over the phone, and run them around town in a ’91 Holden Barina.

Then the global pandemic hit, and the city-wide comfort food cravings that followed saw 1800 Lasagne rise to the occasion.

And now Kellock is stepping things up again with plans to turn an old pizza joint into his first restaurant. That means real-world lasagne deliveries are on hold until restrictions in Melbourne lift.

In the meantime, here’s how he gets it done – and how he reckons you can make better lasagne at home.

Director: John O’Rourke
DP: Reuben Gates
Executive producer: Ellen Fraser