After a full decade in operation, Verge restaurant on Spring Street is closing. Co-owner and executive chef Dallas Cuddy says that it was important for he and his business partners Simon Denton and Karen White to go out on their own terms. “We’re really happy with everything we’ve achieved here,” he says.

Verge will shut its doors for good after dinner service on New Year’s Eve, after which decisions will be made, slowly, about which doors will be opened next. “I’m getting married in January,” says Cuddy, “and then I’ll be looking at a few things here and I’ve been offered something in Singapore too. I’ll consider everything.”

The site where Verge presently sits will be transformed, into what yet isn’t completely clear, though Denton has suggested he has a few ideas up his sleeve. “My business partners from [Izakaya] Den will be involved and we’re still finalising points, but it will be Japanese and naturally, have the characteristics of Den but a different concept,” he continues. “It will essentially be two small businesses.”

When asked about the end of the restaurant, Cuddy says, “It’s very draining running a small fine-dining restaurant. You have to give it 120 per cent all the time. We [he and Denton] needed something new, although there’ve been so many positives. It’s been a lot of hard work and very rewarding.”

Denton supports this. “We’re really happy with where we’re at and felt that it was the right thing to do, the next few weeks will go fast but we’re looking forward to them.”

Since the announcement of the closure, the restaurant is inevitably starting to fill. So if you’re keen for one more Verge experience, get booking soon.

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