With more than 100 events, World Class Cocktail Week will showcase the creativity of Melbourne’s bar scene. This year, Broadsheet will present the week-long event to ensure 2016 is a bigger celebration than ever and we want you to be part of it.

From April 4–10, you and your venue can celebrate the craft of the cocktail. To get you started, here are the three themes you can explore.

Category 1: Taste
The right food can enhance the cocktail-drinking experience. You could run cocktail-and-food-pairing events; tasting sessions; or special celebrations, for example, a high tea with cocktails.

Category 2: How To
Everyone wants to learn from the best. Events in this category could be cocktail classes or workshops with World Class bartenders.

Category 3: Party
We don’t need to tell you how to party, but events in this category could be themed events around TV shows or movie stars; or unique cocktail experiences, such as a mini-golf course with built-in cocktail bars.

You can download the World Cocktail Week Trade Toolkit to help you plan your event, so start thinking about how you can showcase your venue’s appreciation of cocktails and register your event below.

Event submissions close at 11pm, Sunday March 6.

General Terms and Conditions

Your event must be open to the public.
A minimum of one Diageo Reserve product must be used and featured in order for you to participate. All event submissions are subject to approval by the World Class Cocktail Week team.

When submitting an event you agree to provide World Class Cocktail Week with the following: Two tickets to each event submitted. These tickets will be used for publicity, e.g. media, bloggers/writers, photographers, or for competitions. If your tickets are not allocated by World Class Cocktail Week they will be returned to you for resale by the April 1, 2016.