Fitzroy cocktail den The Everleigh is teaming up with hot shot sandwich purveyor Stefanino Panino for a winter collab to entice you out of the house for some midweek sustenance.

Every Tuesday from 5pm–8pm in July and August, visitors to The Everleigh can enjoy three of Stef Condello’s bestselling Italian-style sandwiches for dinner from $18 a piece. On the initial menu is the Il Manzo (featuring rare beef, provolone, pickled and roasted peppers, red onion and dijon), the L’Australiana (a classic combo of ham, provolone, tomato, rocket, onion, mayonnaise and Dijon), plus a rotating vegetarian sandwich. Other options, including gluten free bread or the mighty mortadella roll, may appear at later sessions.

To drink? The Gertrude Street bar is pouring $18 Negronis (down from the usual $26) from a one-of-a-kind vintage cocktail fountain, which owner Michael Madrusan “stupidly bought” for $2500. The fountain keeps the liquid inside moving constantly, unlike a punch bowl where the liquid settles. “We only bring the fountain out on Tuesdays, it’s normally used for functions,” he says. “I’ve wanted this one in particular for a really long time, ever since I saw it at a Seagram event in Spain … it’s an American thing that’s been made since the 1940s. When I got the invoice for it my financial controller shouted at me.”

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The idea of smashing sandwiches for dinner is loosely inspired by Madrusan’s days working at Milk & Honey in New York. “The other day I saw my ops manager eating his dinner over a bin and it reminded me of when I was on shift and every dinner I had was in a weird back storeroom over a bin,” he says, laughing. “I’ve been eating sandwiches for dinner for 25 years, so it’s quite nostalgic really.”

A sandwich from Stefanino really is a main meal. “It’s a delicious commitment,” Madrusan says. “And it’s a good reason to get people out of the house on a Tuesday for dinner and a drink. We know you want to get under the blanket on the sofa, but why don’t you come and have a Negroni and a sandwich first? Netflix will be there when you get home.”

Negronis & Paninos starts at The Everleigh on Tuesday July 2. Walk-ins are available and bookings can be made via