If you are still frantically searching for holiday gifts for those in your life with a foodie bent, we may have the answer for you. Everyone’s favourite beautifully photographed recipe blog, Trotski & Ash, has released its new wall calendar.

Each page of the limited edition calendar comes with a seasonally specific recipe and an example of those gorgeous photos you’ve come to expect from Trotski & Ash. But what prompted a pair of bloggers to create something tactile instead of digital?

“Blogs are so instant [and] immediate,” says Romy Ash, one half of the Trotski & Ash team. “A lovely result of this immediacy is that at the end of the year, when we have the time to look back over the posts, what we see is this seasonal-specific collection of recipes. It's always weird reading food blogs from the Northern Hemisphere; there is such an extreme difference. When it's a heat wave here and we're posting about popsicles and salads, fresh fruit and light meals, in the north it's all about leaving the oven on for as long as possible, soups and winter vegetables.

“That's my favourite thing about the calendar, having that seasonal-specific collection of recipes. It is also so nice to have a hard copy of the recipes [and] the calendar breaks down into recipe cards when it is done – something I can spill food all over in the kitchen. When we work so much on computers and search for recipes online [and] read food blogs, it's so nice to have something to hold in the hand.”

But there’s another purpose. “It's also a way to celebrate our year too,” says Ash. “We always give the calendar to friends and family as a thank you for all the time and recipes shared in the kitchen.”

Be aware, you have to purchase your calendar by Tuesday December 18 in order to have it arrive in time for Christmas, so don’t delay.