Opening quietly on a particularly cold day in June, Trunk Diner has slid into the Melbourne landscape with little more than a ‘what, you didn’t know we were here?’

Already well known for its courtyard area, is makes sense to turn that space into a more welcoming haven for the coolest part of the year, closing it in with a marquee-esque array of beams and clear plastic walls that buffer diners from the cooler weather.

More importantly, Trunk Diner caters to those on the hunt for breakfast and lunch, with an American twang. Our focus might be on the gourmet burger (with a choice of four kinds of cheese on your Wagyu) and breakfast waffles, but there’s a healthy list of salads and soups too.

Still, it seems we’re not the only ones taken with the idea of a really great cheeseburger. “We dished up a hundred and forty burgers in the first three-days of trade,” says owner/operator Nick Kutcher. “Not too bad for the new kids on the block.”

Trunk Diner
275 Exhibition Street, Melbourne
(03) 9663 7994

Mon-Fri breakfast and lunch

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