With a quiet opening this week, Melbourne coffee icons Mark Dundon and Bridget Amor have expanded their Seven Seeds empire to Crossley Street with Traveller, a new cafe that offers both familiar tastes and some new surprises too.

With an overhanging neon boot marking the spot, the narrow, lightly toned cafe featuring branding by The Company You Keep and curved wood and vinyl laminate benchtops evokes the nostalgic warmth of the old American Airstream caravans.

Traveller is the newest member of an already packed laneway, which hosts Gingerboy, Becco, Lucy Folk, Madam Virtue & Co., Charles Edward, Von Haus and Sarah Scout with Pellegrini’s positioned on the Bourke Street corner and The Paperback Bookshop mere metres away. Alongside these neighbours, Traveller has slipped right in with a similar feel of old-world Melbourne.

One of the pillars of the city's specialty coffee scene, Dundon originally launched Ray in Brunswick years ago, as well as cafes such as St ALi and De Clieu (all of which he has since sold) and is the man behind staple venues like Brother Baba Budan and Seven Seeds in Carlton with long-term business partner Amor.

At Traveller, Jos Turner is the familiar face manning the city coffee bar for those loyal to the Seven Seeds brand. With experience at De Clieu and Seven Seeds cafe, Turner has a particular vision for the Crossley Street cafe.

With a takeaway coffee window, Traveller will provide larger volumes of filtered coffee, a concept that is still relatively new to Melbourne. "With the space as small we want everything to be efficient, to ensure that you can get quality filtered coffee nice and quick.”

“We’d love to make a mark on this end of the city," Turner adds. "It’s already a beautiful street and a beautiful area, so we want to provide a quality product day in, day out."

Those familiar with Brother Baba Budan will recognise the primarily coffee-based offerings, with a small selection of cakes and pastries from Brioche by Phillip to accompany. While Traveller is standing room only (even the cafe’s name suggests you should keep moving), it boasts a European-style bar for flicking through newspapers on a busy workday.

2/14 Crossley Street, Melbourne

Mon to Fri 7am-5pm
Sat 8am-5pm