“So many places have toasties on their menus, and people say: ‘Oh, how can you go wrong with a toastie?’,” says Rebecca Feingold, one of the owners of new food truck, Toasta.

“We’re looking at it another way, which is: How right can you get it?”

If you go by the word on the street, Toasta really is getting it right. For the past month, Feingold and partner Tim Boston have been cruising around Melbourne serving up the kind of hunger-pang relief that only two hunks of bread with deliciously warm fillings can deliver.

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Hearty and without scrimping on the cheese, Toasta toasties are made with Zeally Bay organic sourdough and feature a host of melt-in-your-mouth combinations such as Swiss, shredded chicken, bacon, basil, walnut pesto and roast capsicum (better known as The Charlie) or gouda, bacon, Brussels sprouts and walnuts (The Russell).

But the undisputed favourite so far has been The Barry, a decadent combo of cheddar, brisket, dill pickle and smoky barbeque sauce.

“We took Barry off the menu for one morning and everyone complained,” says Feingold.

For a non-bready option, the pair has also been trialling salads, which will continue through the warmer months.

There’s no set route for the truck at the moment, but fans can write in and suggest Toasta visit their workplace, function or even wedding – perfect for that late night, post-champagne appetite. Otherwise, keep an eye on the Where The Truck website for its latest location.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the changing menu, with sweet toasties the next thing on the horizon.

“We’ve been testing out some combinations, like a mascarpone and rhubarb, and a spiced ricotta and poached pear with challah [bread]”, says Feingold.