Appearing only in the past few months, we now have a cafe for scrolls, a cafe for cereal, a cafe for hot chocolate and soon, a cafe just for toast.

Hold the eye roll. It’s not as gimmicky as it sounds. Co-owner Nick Peters came across the idea at a place called The Mill in San Francisco, which offers a limited menu of coffee and toast made from exquisite breads and creative toppings.

Crompton Coffee, a 20-seat space at the Kew end of Victoria Street, will replicate this approach with inch-thick slices of artisanal bread slathered in toppings such as ricotta, fig and honey; hazelnut cacao butter; buffalo mozzarella avocado and tomato; and more. In other words, this isn’t the kind of toast you’d make at home. Except for the Vegemite toast, perhaps. “That’s more of a tongue-in-cheek thing for people on their way to work,” Peters says.

While the bread will be supplied by a yet-to-be-determined Melbourne bakery, the coffee is being handled by Peters’ business partner, Camron Green. He knows his stuff, having spent the past decade at cafes such as Seven Seeds, Twenty & Six Espresso and Addict.

As part of the duo’s penchant for simplicity, the coffee will only come three ways: black, white and filter, with beans initially from Seven Seeds and Small Batch. “We don't want people to get stuck in the face of 30 options,” Peters says.

Crompton Coffee will open in early April.

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Crompton Coffee
380 Victoria St, Richmond